Some examples of personal commissions I have done for clients including caricature work and logo designs.

Hi, I’m Darren.

My love for drawing started out at a young age when I was inspired by the drawings my dad would do on the labels of our VHS tapes. From tracing the pages of my coloring books to tracing scenes of my favorite cartoons on my TV screen, I knew I wanted to be an artist. My work is very much a reflection of my love for childhood cartoons, pop culture, and my Filipino and Hawaiian heritage. My art style is inspired by the “chibi” (small) style of drawing and making things kawaii (cute). With my love and passion for art, I graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Entertainment Art /Animation at CSU Fullerton. At the moment I am currently working full-time in addition to creating works for different clientele. My dream is to one day become a licensing artist and have my work displayed on products all around the world. As I continue to push toward this dream, my mission is to make the world a little more kawaii, one work of art at a time.